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Welcome to The Women and Children's Natural Health Center

Holistic Medicine for Women and Children

Meet Dr. Rose

Providing Individualized Counseling to Patients

"My goal as a physician is to work in collaboration with my patients in achieving optimal health. I teach my patients how to take care of themselves and their families naturally in a safe, effective and economical manner. It is my belief that the most complete state of wellness occurs when patients become empowered about all aspects of their own health - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual."

- Dr. Rosanne Demanski, ND

Dr. Rosanne Demanski is a naturopathic physician practicing in West Hartford Center, where she focuses on holistic medicine for women and children. She is one of the few doctors in West Hartford who still does house calls.

Meet Dr Rose


Please phone 860-561-9766 to schedule an appointment and print the appropriate forms listed below as directed by the office staff. Please bring these completed forms with you to your first scheduled appointment. A photocopy of your driver's license and insurance card will also be required during your first visit.


Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage of Naturopathic Care and if a referral is required.


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998 Farmington Ave. Suite 200

West Hartford, CT 06107

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